Welcome to Corona Associates Capital Management, LLC

Corona is the Fund Management Company overseeing the investment portfolio of Antilles Capital Master Fund, LP and it’s affiliated domestic on shore and foreign feeder funds.

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Corona’s Investment Thesis: a historical study of money and credit

Corona’s investment thesis was developed by John Scurci following a 40-year investment career culminating with the historical study of money and credit.

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John Scurci, founding partner of Corona, believes he sees an opportunity for an outsized investment return related to money and credit that few understand.



Investment professionals with experience in delivering high returns – most notably the CIO’s track record of achieving the single highest one year fund performance in history.



Corona seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted absolute returns through proprietary fundamental and technical analysis developed over a 40-year span.


Podcast: The Corona Thesis

In this two part podcast, Ben Hobbs talks with John Scurci, founding partner of Corona Associates Capital Management, about some very big ideas related to the US Dollar, a bubble in global financial assets and what needs to be done to re-structure the global financial system and truly make America great again.

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