Investment Thesis

Corona’s investment thesis was developed by John Scurci following a 40-year investment career culminating with the historical study of money and credit.

The central tenet of our investment thesis is that the most relevant catalyst for change will ultimately be the global debt problem.

In 2008, a global financial crisis developed as a result of the failure of U.S. sub-prime real estate loans. This debt category was a tiny fraction of overall global debt, but it clearly showed that if just a tiny portion of debt fails, the entire global financial debt edifice could come crashing down.

The 3 biggest risks in today’s markets are:
1. Credit Risk
2. Counter-party Risk
3. Debasement Risk.Gold does NOT carry any of these risks.

We believe the Era of Financial Assets is drawing to a close with the world drowning in debt and interest rates at or near zero. Few investors today understand gold, or where it sits in the monetary system, thereby offering a unique opportunity for an outsized return. As a value investor, John was drawn to physical gold as a core asset to build an investment portfolio around.

Core Strategies

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